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Is there something you’re procrastinating on doing today? Or any day for that matter. One of the things that has been on my “To Do” list for a couple of days is to create an editorial calendar for my blog posts. It’s part of an assignment for the 31 Day Build a Better Blog challenge (sponsored by ProBlogger http://www.problogger.net) that I’m participating in with my blogging buddies — Delicacte Flower http://delicacies.wordpress.com and Digital Citizen http://digitalcitizen.ca . How timely that I should receive an email this morning about procrastination. The catchy title caught my attention. The email was about a book on procrastination titled “Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time,” by Brian Tracy.

There’s an old saying that says…”If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is eat a live frog, then nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day!” Well, I can still think of a few worse things…but you get the point.

Brian Tracy says that your “frog” should be the most difficult item on your things to do list, the one you’re most likely to procrastinate on; because, if you eat that first, it’ll give you energy and momentum for the rest of the day. But, if you don’t…and let him sit there on the plate and stare at you while you do a hundred unimportant things, it can drain your energy and you won’t even know it. Hmmm, maybe some of us have too many frogs on our plate at one time and that’s why we’re feeling overwhelmed. Check out the cute video and then read the book excerpt below the video:


Here’s an excerpt from “Eat That Frog!” that I received from Simple Truths http://simpletruths.com. It’s a small sampling in Brian’s chapter titled: Apply the 80/20 Rule to Everything. Enjoy!

The 80/20 Rule is one of the most helpful of all concepts of time and life management. It is also called the “Pareto Principle” after its founder, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who first wrote about it in 1895. Pareto noticed that people in his society seemed to divide naturally into what he called the “vital few”, the top 20 percent in terms of money and influence, and the “trivial many”, the bottom 80 percent.

He later discovered that virtually all economic activity was subject to this principle as well. For example, this principle says that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results, 20 percent of your customers will account for 80 percent of your sales, 20 percent of your products or services will account for 80 percent of your profits, 20 percent of your tasks will account for 80 percent of the value of what you do, and so on. This means that if you have a list of ten items to do, two of those items will turn out to be worth five or ten times or more than the other eight items put together.

Number of Tasks versus Importance of Tasks
Here is an interesting discovery. Each of the ten tasks may take the same amount of time to accomplish. But one or two of those tasks will contribute five or ten times the value of any of the others. Often, one item on a list of ten tasks that you have to do can be worth more than all the other nine items put together. This task is invariably the frog that you should eat first.

Focus on Activities, Not Accomplishments
The most valuable tasks you can do each day are often the hardest and most complex. But the payoff and rewards for completing these tasks efficiently can be tremendous. For this reason, you must adamantly refuse to work on tasks in the bottom 80 percent while you still have tasks in the top 20 percent left to be done.

Before you begin work, always ask yourself, “Is this task in the top 20 percent of my activities or in the bottom 80 percent?” The hardest part of any important task is getting started on it in the first place. Once you actually begin work on a valuable task, you will be naturally motivated to continue. A part of your mind loves to be busy working on significant tasks that can really make a difference. Your job is to feed this part of your mind continually.

Motivate Yourself
Just thinking about starting and finishing an important task motivates you and helps you to overcome procrastination. Time management is really life management, personal management. It is really taking control of the sequence of events. Time management is having control over what you do next. And you are always free to choose the task that you will do next. Your ability to choose between the important and the unimportant is the key determinant of your success in life and work.

Effective, productive people discipline themselves to start on the most important task that is before them. They force themselves to eat that frog, whatever it is. As a result, they accomplish vastly more than the average person and are much happier as a result. This should be your way of working as well.

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Eat That Frog! book excerpt from amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Eat-That-Frog-Great-Procrastinating/dp/1576751988#

Brian Tracy website: http://www.briantracy.com/

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If anyone out there has found a legitimate work from home opportunity where my success isn’t dependent upon me giving you a list of names or trying to sell anything to my family or friends, will you please let the rest of us know about it.

With the vast amount of information on the internet, a couple of years ago I decided to look for work from home opportunities. My search has only resulted in my spam mailbox being bombarded with hundreds of emails. Oh when will it stop! They try to sucker you in by saying you can make from hundreds to even thousands of dollars a day, yeah right — and all I have to do to get started is give them my name, email address and $49.00 (or whatever) — even though I don’t know what it is I’m buying. I’m not talking about software or books. I mean, what is the business, what will I be expected to do. Only once was I tempted enough to send away for a “free” cd — all I had to do was pay $9.95 for shipping/handling. So I figured I was willing to give up that much. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the cd only to be disappointed. Oh it came alright, only it still didn’t tell me anything. It was just a video of a guy and his wife sitting by the pool in the backyard of their dream home, talking about how great life is now that they discovered “this business.” Still no info about what exactly the business was, or what was expected of you. But to find out more they wanted money. Well that ended my curiosity. No financial freedom kit for this chica.

Ok, back to the emails. Lately I’ve been getting spam emails from the same people or companies around four times a week. I usually just delete them, but occasionally I’ll check out a few here and there –just to make sure I don’t miss out on some great opportunity. If you do actually go to the link in the email you will see a video presentation or this very, very, very long written sales pitch, interspersed with photos of a beautiful home, expensive cars, and smiling people on vacation. Some of them also include computer screen shots to prove how much money they are making, or to show you all you have to do is fill out these forms to make money. Yada, yada, yada. I think it all boils down to this — its just another sales pitch to get your money.

Becoming a day trader (stocks, and currency) is about the only thing I know of that you can do in the comfort of your own home and make money. Granted it’s risky, because you can make money but you will lose money too. Like any other profession, it is a skill that needs to be developed. Lately, I’ve been hearing of something called a “Virtual Assistant.” I don’t know much about that except it’s like a secretary/assistant who works from home for clients located anywhere in the country. So now I turn the question over to anyone out there reading this post — “Are there any legitimate work from home opportunities where my success isn’t dependent upon me preying upon my family or friends?” If so, please let the rest of us know about it by sending in your comments to this post. Thanks and have a great day!

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