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Are you someone people would describe as a “drama queen”?

Does your life seem to constantly move from one drama to the next? I’m not someone who likes drama in my life. However, it seems like some people seem to thrive on it. Things do happen to us that are beyond our control — I’m not talking about those situations. It seems like some people seem to attract drama while others don’t. Ever wonder why? Perhaps it has something to do with their way of thinking. The following story offers some food for thought.

Where Are You Running?

Oh, just to escape and get away from it all! Negative relationships, problems at work, unresolved issues at home — these are just a few of the demanding situations we live with day in and day out.

But before we go running off, change our name, and start over again someplace else, we’d better think about the common denominator in all our problems. Most of those thorny situations have a lot more to do with us than they do with “them.” Our unfair boss doesn’t know our irritating neighbor, and neither of them knows my landlord. The only common element in all those relational problems is me.

When we take the time to search inward for change, we see everything in a different light. What we previously thought vital, becomes trivial. We delightedly perceive that we can truly choose to change from victim to victor. Many people spend their entire lives hoping their circumstances will change for the better. Circumstances only get better as we get better. Things change when we change. A wise man has said, “Unless you change what you think, you will always get what you’ve got!”

Resolving the issues that face us almost always means changing something in ourselves. Much of the hurt that stems from all of them is self-inflicted, whether actively or passively. Even if we ran from those situations, we would likely re-create them in a new setting. When even a part of the problem is us, the solution is ours as well. We can’t run far enough to escape ourselves. –Dennis Kimbro

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