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Have you seen the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You?” What did you think of it? Do you think it was a fairly accurate portrayal of single women? Hubby and I finally saw the movie last night. This is one of those movies you can’t help but make comments or ask questions throughout. Questions like – “How can you not get the message?” or “Are they really that stupid?” I’d recommend seeing it, but not necessarily on a first date.

A couple years ago I saw the show Oprah did based on the book “He’s Just Not That Into You,” by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. You can check out an excerpt from the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Hes-Just-That-Into-Understanding/dp/068987474X. Some of the women who came on the show were brave enough to share their personal story. Poor things, they were completely clueless. One woman’s “boyfriend” of one year only seemed to make time for her about one weekend out of the month. The rest of the time he was busy working or traveling on business – yeah right. Another woman had a male friend that she would go jogging with but she was hoping it would turn into something more. She felt he might be too shy to ask her out on a date – yeah right. Another woman was still hoping to get together with this guy she only went out with one time. Since then he occasionally sends her text messages or emails but he never asks her out. The authors had to tell the women the harsh truth – he’s just not that into you! In the case of the last woman it turns out the guy has a girlfriend but wanted to keep in contact just in case things didn’t work out.

Ladies, ladies, ladies – have times changed that much? Back in the day women used to wait for the guy to call them. That was an indicator that he was interested. How much remained to be seen. Was he willing to invest time into getting to know you? Or was he just trying to “score” as quickly as possible? I know it’s a different world but it doesn’t mean men have changed all that much. It seems like women have become the aggressors, the hunters. So ladies, here’s some tips from me – let him call you, don’t sleep with him on the first date – put it off as long as possible so you can be more focused on getting to know him. If he can’t make time for you on the weekend then he’s probably got someone else. If he doesn’t give you his home number he may be married or living with someone. Be sure to look for a wedding ring and ask if he’s married, got a girlfriend, or if he is in a committed relationship. If he’s married or involved with someone move on. Find someone who is available for you. I have a friend who has been married over 20 years and says he meets women all the time during his business travels. He says he’s not cheating, he just likes talking to women. He does not volunteer the fact that he is married, he waits to be asked. If you don’t ask, he doesn’t tell. Nor does he wear his wedding ring anymore because it doesn’t fit. Whatever. That’s between him and his wife. Remember ladies, you are valuable and you don’t want to be with someone who is “just not that into you.” Does anyone else have any dating tips for women? If so, please leave them in the comments section.

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